Names to Know (Middle School)

These people can help with any questions you might have about Menlo’s Middle School.

You can also search for someone in the search box at the top of the page.
All email addresses are

Department Name Contact
Middle School Office   650.330.2000 ext. 2400
Academic Support Frankie Machado ext. 2446
Address Changes Lisa Rillamas ext. 2550
Athletics Joe McDonald ext. 2456
Attendance Lucie McGrath ext. 2400
Campus Store Donna Okino ext. 2535

Financial Aid

Rose Garza ext. 2602

Director of Family Support

Miriam Magana ext. 2604
General Questions Lucie McGrath ext. 2400
Math Placement Kevin Campion ext. 2482
Medical Information/Health Nurse’s Office:
Joan Barada or Laurel Marks
ext. 2530
Middle School Director La Vina Lowery ext. 2471
Assistant to the Middle School Director Tatum Wozniak ext. 2402
Assistant Middle School Director Mima Takemoto ext. 2492
Middle School Counselor Kaila Uniacke ext. 2461
Parent Community (MSPA) Laura Dholakia see directory
Sixth Grade Team Lead Shanel Daines ext. 2463
Technology Tech Support Office ext. 2584
Transportation Chrissy Orangio ext. 2568


Esther Cheung ext. 2575
World Language Placement Weixin Shi ext. 2491

For the Upper School, contact these people.

(Please note that many School offices are closed during the month of July, but if you leave a message they’ll get back to you as soon as they return in August—and there will still be plenty of time to answer your question or solve your problem before school starts.)

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